It’s been two weeks since I have became certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and I have officially joined the Spiritual family of Yogis and Yoginis! What a journey it was! You hear people saying ”Yoga has changed my life” and I’ve always thought it sounded too cliche for me. After having completed five weeks of intense Yoga training I can definitely agree with that sentence that Yoga indeed changes life for better! In those five weeks of Hatha yoga twice a day, lectures and practice for exams, I’ve noticed subtle changes in myself. First, I went through lots of resistance towards this particular yoga modality, a very meditative Hatha Yoga, in which the main focus is on energy and not flexibility, and one posture is held from 4 minutes up. My monkey mind was literally going crazy trying to distract me from the practice and I could not focus on the energy and chakras. Only after more than a week, my resistance was crumbling slowly and I started enjoying the slow, meditative pace. It wasn’t the end of obstacles that Yoga was throwing at me to help me in my growth. All sorts of purifications have aroused from the process: physical, mental and emotional. I stopped drinking coffee, had many significant dreams, started lucid dreaming and during the day I was having lots of flashbacks from the past. This, I have not anticipated happening. I thought I’ve done this kind of purification once for all during my psychotherapy training. I was wrong, some more layers needed to be healed and Yoga was doing a great job. Not for nothing yoga is called the union of mind, body and spirit. So I thank the creators of Yoga for this magnificent gift they left to the world. Let’s share Yoga Love everywhere!