Who is Behind the Mask?

Workshop for everyone who wants to:


Explore and befriend the darkest parts of their personality called Shadow

Reconnect with the inner power and the true Self

Explore the relationship with their ”naked truth” in the powerful dance

Release emotions through dance



This workshop is a fusion of dance, art therapy, guided meditation, shamanic drumming and rituals.

Why attend?


The aim of this workshop is to help you to feel more connected to your True Self, to feel more alive, authentic and to gain awareness about your darkest aspects of your personality. You will get a chance to dance in your unique way with your own Shadow and to shamelessly show it to others and then release it burning flames of ceremonial fire. By making friends with your dark side you will feel more powerful and more connected to your True Self. You will express your unique beauty and wisdom and get rid of the inner and outer layers in this intimate and powerful dance.

Shadow is the unknown dark side of the personality. This instinctive and irrational dark side of personality is repressed and hidden in the deep unconscious. It often comes alive in a form psychological projection, in which a person unconsciously projects onto someone else his own personal inferiority. Shadow can sabotage our life ‘making us’ behave in a way we don’t want to behave and we often feel ashamed of it. Because the Shadow is instinctive it holds a huge power over us. When we recognise it, we can harness it, make it our allies, instead of allowing it to destroy us. The important step is to make it conscious.



The lay out of the workshop:


Arriving and getting settle in the space

Guided meditation and meeting your shadow

Making the mask that represents Shadow

Exploring aspects of our Shadow – the “mask” through intuitive dance

Getting gradually rid of layers of limitations which are represented by each item of clothing and burn the mask of the Shadow in the fire (open fireplace) liberating ourselves from fears, shame and inhibitions

Fully or partially (whatever feels comfortable) naked we will dance and celebrate our True Self, our beautiful and unique bodies, authenticity and spontaneity.



The dance is intuitive – there are no rules or steps to follow. It can be gentle, slow, fast, mad or ecstatic. All emotions are welcomed.


All art materials are provided. Please wear comfortable clothing. Places are limited and booking is required.



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