Looking ahead with thrust.

Does it come easy to you? Do you believe and trust that things will work out for the best? Particularly in the times where you feel like you’re not flowing with life. There are times when I feel confident, trusting, creative, connected to myself and the universe. Other times, particularly when my focus goes outward, I easily disconnect, I start doubting myself and my decisions.
This photo was taken in my first week of Yoga Teacher Training when I was confidently looking forward with purpose and excitement for learning new things, acquiring new skills as a Yoga teacher. What an amazing journey that was. Riding beautiful waves of life, flowing with the current and sometimes swimming against it, but Yoga and the island life was helping to get back easily on the right wave.
After three months on the island some restlessness creeps in the early morning with the question ”what next”? Can you relate to this? What do you do when you don’t know your next move? Yoga, meditation, swimming in the ocean are my blessings in these moments. What are your tools and tricks?