Inner Child


Do you remember what it was like to be a creative child?

Do you want to have more fun in your life by reconnecting with this creativity?

Do you want to heal your Inner Child and let them play?

Do you want to build up your self-esteem by challenging your Inner Critic?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then this workshop is right for you!

Discover how to release your hidden creativity and allow your life force to flow!

“Full-blown artistic creativity takes place when a trained and skilled grownup is able to tap the source of clear, unbroken play-consciousness of the small child within” – Stephen Nachmanovitch

Childhood has a significant impact on our adult life. From the first day of life we are positively and negatively affected by the world around us.  The self-discovery of my own inner/creative child has been inspired by work of many individuals from the fields of both psychotherapy and art.



Why attend?


The purpose of this workshop is to explore how blocked creativity affects our lives. We will look at the unconscious defences that prevent us from reconnecting with our inner creative source, and learn how to hear and then challenge our Inner Critic. It will demonstrate that creativity is not only about artistic talents – so this is not a workshop about how to become an artist or to discover a particular talent (although this may happen as a result of the weekend). It is about understanding that creativity blocked through neglect or fear, has the power to stop a flow of life force and have a negative influence on our ability to live a fulfilling life. It’s also to show that creativity, and by extension our life force, can be enhanced through practice, discipline and emotional nourishment.



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