Detox day. Only fruit juice and water! Juices are made from fresh tropical fruit and they are delicious. This one was made of papaya, turmeric, passion fruit and dragon fruit. While I was savouring this heaven in a plastic cup it made me think how much plastic is consumed daily and I felt bad about being a westerner coming to this paradise island and contaminating it with all the plastic I consume. Detoxing my body but contaminating the planet. That doesn’t sound very good, does it? At least I dwell on the question and I am trying to do little steps to avoid mindless use of plastic. So I’ve been asking for drinks with no straw and rinsing my juice cup trying to reuse it as much as possible and if everyone was doing the same how much difference would that make? Huge! I must admit it isn’t so convenient to carry this plastic cup in my bag so I need to come up with some other solutions like reusable cup perhaps? So let’s try to make some little difference while we are travelling.