My MISSION is to empower and inspire people of all ages

to become more conscious of the power and energy

of their bodies through events focussing on movement,

dance and making art. Life is a dance – and I invite you to join in!

As a Yoga Teacher I want to enhance awareness

and acceptance of the body regardless its shape

and age and promote healthy and balanced

lifestyle that is both practical and spiritual.

I designed my offering to bring you the benefits of movement

in all its forms while reconnection with your true Self, inner peace.

My teaching style combines physical aspect of Hatha Yoga,

guided meditation, healing dance, mindful practice and tantra

with emphasis on the therapeutic powers of the energy flow.


I believe in the power of holistic healing.

At my workshops and retreats, such as “Inner Child”, “Dancing Goddess”,

“Masks” or “Fly Beyond Your Limitations”, we look at our ‘whole’ selves

and not just one part of it. We treat every aspect of you:

body, mind and soul!

Meet the Expert



My name is Julita and I am passionate about the therapeutic

benefits of movement and creativity.

There is nowhere I feel more radiantly alive than when

I am involved in conscious movement, whether this be dancing,

mindful movement or making art.

After finishing my integrative psychotherapy a four-year course at CCPE in UK,

I have travelled to mainland Europe, Asia and the US on my own journey

towards finding a way of making my passions come to life while

deepening my personal practice under the guidance and support

of experienced yoga teachers.

Flow Infinito is a fusion of ancient wisdoms and my experience

that drive healing and wellbeing of all beings.


Your are ready to get started!

Get in touch and change your life for better.


Flow Infinito - your physical and spiritual journey

of breaking through to freedom, inner peace,

acceptance, better understanding and connection

with your body through dance, creative art, yoga,

meditation, tantra and holistic guidance.



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