“As soon as I saw the name of the workshop, “Find your voice” I knew it was speaking to me. I am truly glad that I listened to my inner voice and decided to take part. I was not disappointed. We were encouraged to connect with our inner child and the whole experience was uplifting and not to be missed.” 


“Julita run a wonderful workshop. Provided you are ready to share and explore what you find in yourself, you will really get to experience the joyfulness and creativity of your inner child. Julita provides a safe and supportive environment for it” 


“Julita created a very safe space for the group to talk, share and feel. She was very sensitive to our needs and injected a sense of fun to the exercises where that was appropriate – helping us to let go and have fun”


“Julita has a real gift in mindfulness and leading meditations.  It was wonderful to take time out of a busy working day to walk with the group and be mindful of the present moment. I learned to appreciate a sense of peace and calm in the middle of our bustling city, and then to bring that peace and calm back into my afternoon’s work and other areas of my life. Thank you Julita!”


“I really enjoyed the walk and it was a good reminder how beneficial it is to leave ones desk. Since then I’ve certainly also tried to think more about my breathing to relax.”

KatrinaGLA, Development, Enterprise & Environment

“Well done for organising this! It was difficult at first to get used to the slower pace of walking compared to my “normal” pace when I’m rushing around the city during the working week.  At the end of the silent walk I enjoyed the short period of meditation along with the breathing exercises which is something I’ve never done before and I did find this quite relaxing. Overall this was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to the next one!” 

JohnGLA, Housing and Land

“Thank you so much for arranging our weekly lunchtime Mindfulness walks.  I usually rush along though life at super-busy speed and found it very helpful to take time out to focus more actively on noticing and clearing my thoughts and feelings.  I really enjoyed participating in the sessions and the opportunity to practice mindfulness as part of a small group”. 

Camilla Allwood

“When Julita first suggested a guided meditation by Skype I was a little nervous, I wasn’t sure how it would work and whether I would feel sufficiently connected to be able to relax into the meditation fully but I was delighted to be proved wrong! I found a quiet space in my house to take the call and after an initial introduction to the session and some yoga poses to focus my breathing the meditation began. Julita’s approach was calm as ever and I liked having the choice of different types of meditation depending on how I was coming to the session. It was just as relaxing as being in the same room and better than just being on a call because using the video meant that we could use visual cues like nodding instead of having to verbally communicate and break the flow. After my initial hesitation I forgot that we weren’t in the same space and was able to really benefit from the guidance that Julita gave. I would recommend the remote meditation as a good way to stay connected and expand your experience.”