Recently there has been a strong focus for the Mindfulness in a workplace.

I offer Mindfulness classes to the employees at The City Hall in London to help improve their wellbeing and productivity.

I lead a mindful walk which is conducted in silence. In our busy world filled with activities, noise and other distractions people find it difficult to be still, especially in the company of other people. We feel the urge to chat in order to avoid so-called “uncomfortable silence”.  We may even believe it is impolite to be silent when we are in the company of others. I invite you and challenge you to experience silence as you have maybe never experienced it before!

Take a break from your daily routine! Relax, breath, replenish your energy!

How to practice walking meditation

Walking meditation is a way to practice moving without a goal or an intention. Mindful walking simply means walking while being aware of each step and of our breathing. It can be practiced anywhere, whether you are alone in nature or with others in a crowded city. You can even practice mindful breathing and walking meditation in between business appointments or in the supermarket.

Mindful walking allows us to be aware of the pleasure of walking. Placing our footsteps one after the other slowly and in silence, we can create joy with each step. We can keep our steps slow, relaxed and calm. There is no rush, no place to get to, no hurry. Mindful walking can release our worries and help bring peace into our body and mind.

The benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage your stress
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reducing negative emotions


Here are some testimonials from the participants:

“Congratulations on leading such a successful mindful walk. It was lovely to get out of the office. Well done for arranging it and I hope you get similar good results next time!”Philippa, H&L

“Well done for organising this! It was difficult at first to get used to the slower pace of walking compared to my “normal” pace when I’m rushing around the city during the working week.  At the end of the silent walk I enjoyed the short period of meditation along with the breathing exercises which is something I’ve never done before and I did find this quite relaxing. Overall this was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to the next one!” John, H&L

“Julita has a real gift in mindfulness and leading meditations.  It was wonderful to take time out of a busy working day to walk with the group and be mindful of the present moment. I learned to appreciate a sense of peace and calm in the middle of our bustling city, and then to bring that peace and calm back into my afternoon’s work and other areas of my life. Thank you Julita!” – Gerard

I really enjoyed the walk and it was a good reminder how beneficial it is to leave ones desk. Since then I’ve certainly also tried to think more about my breathing to relax.” Katrina, Development, Enterprise & Environment

“Thank you so much for arranging our weekly lunchtime Mindfulness walks.  I usually rush along though life at super-busy speed and found it very helpful to take time out to focus more actively on noticing and clearing my thoughts and feelings.  I really enjoyed participating in the sessions and the opportunity to practice mindfulness as part of a small group”. Camilla Allwood