The Anniversary of my 16-years-relationship with London

Today it’s been 16 years since I arrived to London from a small island in Italy where I lived for four years. I had a return ticket within 3 months but I never took that plane back. Full of hopes and with bad English I embarked on this life journey without knowing when it’s going to take me. It was a very curvy road full of bumps, turns, dead end streets, speedy highways and dark roads. Despite how difficult sometimes it was I’m grateful for this city to have given me so many amazing opportunities, for having shaped me into woman that I am today. In these 16 years I had various jobs, lived in many house shares, met many wonderful friends, had many lovers, relationships, found love, lost love, travelled solo, found myself and lost myself hundreds of times, took a degree in psychotherapy, lost the loved ones…the list is endless..I’m so, so grateful for all of it. It feels like I’m writing a goodbye letter to London. Well, perhaps it is. I will keep you posted on my future plans. Love you London! I had to lose you to find you again. This is how it often is. X