Looking ahead with trust

Looking ahead with thrust. Does it come easy to you? Do you believe and trust that things will work out for the best? Particularly in the times where you feel like you’re not flowing with life. There are times when I feel confident, trusting, creative, connected to myself and the universe. Other times, particularly when my focus goes outward, I easily disconnect, I start doubting myself and my decisions.

Officially Yogini

It’s been two weeks since I have became certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and I have officially joined the Spiritual family of Yogis and Yoginis! What a journey it was! You hear people saying ”Yoga has changed my life” and I've always thought it sounded too cliche for me. After having completed five weeks of intense Yoga training I can definitely agree with that sentence.

Freshly baked Yoga Teacher

Last week I taught my first yoga class at my final practical exam! Gosh I was nervous but it went great and it was lovely to receive such a nice feedback. Teaching yoga always looked so easy to me from a student point of view, but as a teacher…

200 hours Yoga TTC

The yoga adventure has begun! I've started 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Agama and I'm very excited about it! It's so good to be a student again.

Home sweet home

My little kingdom in the jungle

Detox day

Detox day. Only fruit juice and water! Juices are made from fresh tropical fruit and they are delicious. This one was made of papaya, turmeric, passion fruit and dragon fruit.

Feeling Coco-nutty

My favourite drink ever! Why don't coconuts grow in Europe? Coconuts are super healthy.

Magic of the Ocean

There is something about the ocean that it gives me an instant healing. Either it is calm and gentle or windy and wavy, it always shifts whatever it is going on inside me.

“Same same but different”

After 11 years I arrived to Bangkok. Fuzzy from the jet lag I took a taxi to the Koh Sao Road, the most popular backpacker street.

Tree Whisperer

Today I went for a walk to Hampstead Heath as I wanted to reconnect with my beloved tree. The sun was shining, the air was fresh and crispy. Very different to that day when this photo was taken. I know this may sound strange to you but I LOVE THIS TREE. It represents so many things to me. It represents so many things to me so I whispered to my tree...