Saturday 12 August 17.00 – 21.30, Northampton

Booking required:


Who are you behind your mask?

Workshop for women who want to:

  • Reconnect with inner power and femininity
  • Explore the relationship with their own nudity in a safe space
  • Release emotions through dance

This workshop is a fusion of dance, art therapy, guided meditation, shamanic drumming and rituals.

Why attend?

What does it mean to you to be a woman? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? What is your relationship with your own nudity?

Nowadays, where the intellect is valued the most, we are cut off from our wise bodies. We often treat it as an object by adapting it to canons of fashion and trends imposed by the media. There is a lot of pressure put on us of how we should look, how we should behave and what should we feel. We often put a “mask” to fit to the requirements of the society, family or religion.

This workshop will help you to discover and celebrate your true self hidden behind the mask. We will express our unique beauty and wisdom and get rid of the inner and outer layers in this intimate, powerful and ecstatic dance.

What to expect from this workshop?

We will start the workshop with a guided meditation. Then we begin the process of making our mask that represents our false self. Slowly we will ease ourselves into dance exploring aspects of our false self – the “mask” through movement meditation inspired by 5 rhythms practice. We will then gradually get rid of layers of limitations which are represented by each item of clothing and burn the mask of our false self in the fire (open fire place) liberating ourselves from fears, shame and inhibitions. Fully or partially (whatever feels comfortable) naked we will dance and celebrate our beautiful and unique bodies, authenticity and spontaneity. The dance is intuitive – there are no rules or steps to follow. It can be gentle, slow, fast, mad or ecstatic. All emotions are welcomed.

All art materials are provided. Please wear comfortable clothing. Places are limited and booking is required.

Join this wild and liberating dance journey and feel more powerful, free, spontaneous and authentic.