Julita Ostrowska


My name is Julita and I am passionate about the therapeutic benefits of movement and creativity. There is nowhere I feel more radiantly alive than when I am involved in conscious movement, whether this be dancing, mindful movement or making art. Flow Infinito is designed to bring you the benefits of movement in all its forms. Life is a dance – and I invite you to join in!


I was born in Poland where I spent the first 19 years of my life. My early passions were foreign languages, music, guitar and motorcycles. When I was 20 I moved to Ischia in Italy, where I discovered my love for the sea and Italian culture.  

Experience and skills

On leaving Italy, I moved to the UK to study integrative psychotherapy at CCPE where I completed a four-year course in 2012. It was during this training that I was introduced to breathwork, movement therapy, dreamwork, mindfulness and working with the creative imagination. During the course I completed 650 hours of practice as a trainee psychotherapist. In this time I helped a wide-range of clients of all ages and cultural groups to come into a deeper relationship with themselves.

Exploring my naked truth

In 2010 I was lucky enough to take part in a ground-breaking and inspiring performance at the Barbican entitled ‘Trilogy’ by Nick Green, an “intoxicating celebration of women, feminism and the power of nudity” and discovered the completely powerful feeling of connection whilst dancing naked with a large group of women in front of an audience of 1000 people. Since then I’ve dreamed of creating events of my own that produce something equally powerful and positive.

Discovering my flow

Also in 2010 I had my first experience with movement mediation –  5 Rhythms. I immediately fell in love with it.  I remember feeling intensely alive when dancing. It was like breaking through to freedom through movement. Since that moment, I have travelled to mainland Europe and the US  on my own journey towards finding a way of making my passions come to life.  

The Journey

In 2015, I went for a solo trip to Bali and India to take a rest from the city rush, replenish my vitality and gain new life experiences. During eight months living in Asia I learnt different meditation techniques, practiced yoga, lived mindfully without a TV, ate healthy, enjoyed a slower pace of life…basically everything I didn’t have time for in my busy life in London.